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What is a Seed Money Supper?

A once a month dinner event, a gathering of minds, a community driven micro-grant program to build a healthier and more sustainable food system. Each attendee pays $10 for supper and drinks for adults, $5 for children. $8.75 of every $10 is given to the winning presenter, with $1.25 to cover overhead including food and supplies.

Our Vision

Seed Money Suppers is a little idea with a big mission, to empower the people in our community to engage with our food system to make access to sustainable and healthy food an option for all.

Community Food Advocates has long been part of the policy and direct service aspect of our food system, but there are needs unfilled. The community funded micro-grant model gives us an opportunity to bring the community to the table to help create a real and lasting impact.

Nashville’s food system belongs to us all. Everybody Eats is more than a catch phrase to us, it is a reminder that through food we are all connected. Our hope is that we, as a community, will collectively rise to the challenge, find support in each other, and innovate to create new and creative solutions to the issues of hunger and food system work.

We hope you will join us!

What Our Community Members are Saying

At the beginning of each new year, we begin to think about our “improvement plans.” What are your goals for 2014? To work on your health? To become more organized? To learn something new? While finalizing your “plan”, consider adding “to be a change-maker.” Sound daunting? Seem unreachable? What if I told you that it can be as simple as eating a meal and listening to inspiring stories of what others are doing to change the lives of many in middle Tennessee?  Local nonprofit Community Food Advocates holds a Seed Money Supper every month during which Nashvillians come together to eat, listen and support local food security projects. After the initial eating and mingling, attendees have the opportunity to learn and ask questions about projects and programs that strive for sustainable food security. When the last questions are answered, everyone casts his or her vote. The presenter with the most votes receives the money collected at the door to be used towards his or her project.

– Ellie Spero

Community Volunteer


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Upcoming Suppers

May Seed Money SupperSeptember 9, 2014
Join us at The Wild Cow Restaurant!

Event information

6pm arrive, socialize, enjoy the grub
6:30 pm proposals heard
7pm voting
8pm winner announced

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