January 2014 Supper

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January 7, 2014 by communityfoodadvocates

January’s Seed Money Supper is fast approaching! On Tuesday, January 14 at 6 pm at the Wild Cow Restaurant in East Nashville, attendees will hear the first two presenters of 2014, Building Healthy Families – Cheatham Hope Gardens and Nashville Grown. Want to get to know these change-makers? Check out what they had to say below!

Quote from Sarah Johnson of Nashville Grown:

“The goal of our work is for aspiring farmers from refugee communities to get started running successful, sustainable small farm enterprises by providing them with training, mentorship, equipment, land, farm infrastructure (wash stations, coolers, etc), and access to markets. The dream is that every refugee in Nashville who is interested in farming knows about and can access these resources for becoming a successful sustainable farmer, and as a result, refugee-owned farms proliferate in the Nashville area, providing significant income and fresh produce to their farmers. There are two components to our work: classroom-based training every winter, followed by the opportunity to start a micro-farm on the incubator every spring.”

For more information about Nashville Grown please visit http://nashvillegrown.org/ .


Interview with Ellen Koester of Building Healthy Families – Cheatham Hope Gardens:

When you hear the word hunger, what do you think about?

“Children, loss of potential, minds wasted. It’s well known that hungry children don’t do as well in school. That needs to stop.”

Specific story (perhaps something that you found inspiring) from your organization pertaining to hunger?

“Participating in a garden not only provides healthy food options, it also builds community among the gardens and helps individuals see themselves from a new and positive perspective. One woman has commented, “I’m a farmer!””

What is your overall dream, hope or goal for your project?

“That anyone who wants to grow their own food in their own garden can do so.

Lastly, is there anything else that you would like to say about the program?

“Our program is unique in that individuals and families are responsible for their own gardens.  We provide support, but ultimately, they are in charge. Our population includes many elder persons. They often receive very little in SNAP or financial assistance. Food pantries usually provide canned goods not fresh vegetables. In 2013 produce from our gardens supplement over 560 meals.”

For more information about Building Healthy Families – Cheatham Hope Gardens please visit http://www.lstn.org/Programs.html 


Special thanks to our volunteer Ellie Spero for researching and writing this blog post.

For more information about how to get involved with Seed Money Suppers, contact Erin Tyrell, Volunteer Coordinator for Community Food Advocates, at 615-385-2286 X 221, or visit http://www.communityfoodadvocates.org/


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