Springing Forward Yet Looking Back

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April 1, 2014 by communityfoodadvocates

Though this winter has seemed like it’s here to stay, we’ve officially sprung forward and are looking to an inspiring Spring 2014 with Seed Money Suppers! While we are getting ready for all of those suppers-to-come, let’s take a look back at one Seed Money Supper winner from 2013.

Ever wonder what happened after a Seed Money Supper? See what previous winner, Paige Hopkins, had to say:

Can you tell me a little about your organization, your program and why you were seeking funds?

I was seeking funds to hold classes for a program I started called The Cooks Academy. These classes were designed for students from The Academy at Old Cockrill, a nontraditional MNPS high school for students going back to complete their high school diplomas. Many of the students from this school are from food insecure households and receive free or reduced-price lunch. All of the classes were free of charge.

In The Cooks Academy, students were taught how to prepare fresh, easy, and healthy snacks and light meals at low cost. Upon the completion of each class, students received a kitchen tool which could be used at home to make the same recipe they learned that day. They also took home a large bag of fresh produce and leftovers.

How do you believe that the Seed Money has benefited your program and the individuals that you serve?

The Seed Supper funds allowed me to reach a population of students who otherwise may not have the chance to take a cooking class. Students came to every class that was scheduled and always participated with enthusiasm, and many of them told me that they tried the recipes at home with their families. Providing the students with kitchen incentives allowed the classes to have a lasting effect and for the students to continue practicing their cooking skills once the session was over.

– Ellie Spero, Volunteer 

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