Looking Back – The Impact of A Little Seed Money

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May 8, 2014 by communityfoodadvocates

In September 2013, Kiran Thawardas presented his inspiring project at the monthly Seed Money Supper. When following up with Kiran about the Unity in Diversity Peace Garden, he had some great things to say about the project, the impact of Seed Money Suppers and what the future holds.

About the garden:

“..the Unity in Diversity Peace Garden at the Scarritt Bennett Center which is basically a project started by the Global Dialogue Foundation under the auspices of the UNAOC (United Nations Alliance of Civilizations). The purpose of the garden is to have plants, both edible and ornamental, from around the world, to signify unity in religions and cultures through a garden. The garden is meant to serve as a location for different cultures, faiths, nationalities, etc. to talk and understand their different cultures and embrace their diversity.”

The impact of Seed Money Suppers:

“With our groundbreaking last March, we had exhausted most of our funds and materials, so Seed Money Suppers helped us on a long term basis to buy seeds, gravel, decorations, etc. I really believe that Seed Money Suppers has helped our program in allowing us to continue the garden for the foreseeable future, in which before Seed Money Suppers, we were going day by day with our funds knowing they would be quickly exhausted.”

The future of Unity in Diversity Peace Garden:

“My overall dream for the project is to have the garden to be a known location in which ideas are shared between cultures and that this could help Nashville’s growing diverse population share their cultures to make the city truly a melting pot of different faiths, nationalities, and cultures.

At the moment, the project is still in its infancy, but plans for organized dialogue groups are in the works in which individuals of different backgrounds could share their cultures and so different people can understand and accept different backgrounds and ethnicities and we have plans for organized groups to be started later this year.”


Feeling inspired? The Unity in Diversity Peace Garden is looking for volunteers. Whether you have one hour to give or three, your efforts are always needed by community projects like the Unity in Diversity Peace Garden. 

For more information please see:




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